Get the Best Out Of Your PPC Campaign

A recent survey proves what we knew to be true all along – web searchers will not look for anything beyond the third page of search results! Since effective SEO takes time to show full result, an effective Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign is crucial to the success of your online business. It is also by far the quickest method to start generating traffic for your website, with traffic streaming to you brand new site within hours of setting up the advertising campaign. But here’s the catch; you need to find the right experts who would target the right market for your business, as well as structuring effective campaigns that would convert. Anything less than that and you end up with an overpriced campaign at the best!

There are a host of benefits that accompany a good PPC campaign. These include:

  • It is one of the best methods to secure instant traffic for your site. A good campaign should be able to place your advertisement for the right keywords. DNA Studio’s Pay Per Click programs are executed in house by Google Adwords Certified Individuals who have achieved proven results in PPC.
  • Pay
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    Per Click is extremely fast and flexible. One can easily adjust advertisements and keywords according to the responses from the market and test out new campaigns rapidly in weeks or even days; gathering crucial business intel which would take traditional media months or longer.

  • Pay Per Click is also extremely precise. Due to its ability to produce quick feedback, we are able to test out hundreds of different keywords relevant to your business in a relatively short period. This enables us to find the exact keywords which are converting for your business and laser targeted traffic. We could even uncover hidden new market segments for you!
  • A Pay per Click advertising campaign is often the most economical means of advertising your business. This is especially

    true if you compare it to the traditional means of marketing; You will find your ROI (Return on Investment) skyrocket!

  • The right PPC campaign can provide you immediate returns – this is especially true if you can provide online sales and processing on your site.

Manage Your PPC Campaign Effectively – Go for the Experts

At DNA Studio, we are a one stop web solutions company providing comprehensive internet marketing services. This means we do everything with an ultimate objective in mind: to add to the bottom line, you.

For example, all of our web design and coding services are done with internet marketing in mind; this means we make sure our websites render correctly for all major browsers and are error free, to ensure optimal search engine rankings; this also means that we put certain elements in positions so as to entice visitors to take action, not just viewing the site and leaving, wasting your marketing dollars.

If you are after FINANCIAL RETURNS from your site, and not just a pretty looking website, I urge you to give us a call today and experience DNA Studio’s point of difference!