Acrylic Painting 8 weeks classes for adults only.

Adult Painting Class

For those that love arts, but never experience painting before, DNA Studio has designed professional painting course for you!

Join us for a fun and creative journey! 


1.​Learn the Colour Wheel

In our first class, we will go through the famous Colour Wheel, and underline The Colour Theory. Then practice on colour mixing to play around acrylic paints. 

2.Palette knife and brush

In our second class, we will be focusing on the skills of using palette knife and different shapes of brushes to create different shapes on canvases. 


3. Morandi Colour mixing

In this class, students get to learn the colour mixing of Morandi's colours. We will provide vases and bottles in 3D for students to visualise and painting on canvas. 

4. Van Gogh Study - The Starry Night

The world most famous artwork by Van Gogh. 

Teacher will demonstrate step by step on how to paint this artwork, where students will learn the history and background of Van Gogh as well. 


5. Quartz Sand - texture study

In this class, students will pick their own painting of plants/flowers, and use quartz sand/white sand to create painting with textures.

6. Acrylic Pouring 

in this class, we are going to explore the magic of acrylic pouring. Visualising formation of cells and see how blow air can create an artwork that's looks amazing!


7. Paint you own bag

In this class, we will provide one Muji Linen bag for you to painting any pattern you like! We have a collection of patterns as well for you to choose from. Design your own unique bag!

8. Paint you own glass bottles/vases

Our final class will be bases on painting with glass bottles. This is our number one popular class, where we will provide 2 glasswares for you to design and create.